Friday, October 15, 2010


I love how over two months ago, I said I was back....and then I never actually started blogging again.

Honestly, the past year has been absolutely NUTSO!

So, in quick bullet points:

-We moved here exactly 1 year ago!
-My husband lost his job. :(
-Husband found a job (not his first choice, but it pays our bills)
-Jonathan started preschool...

and OH YEAH:


That totally wasn't part of "our" plan, but I'm realizing, our plans mean nothing! So, we are learning to just roll with the punches! I am 27 weeks along, and we are having a boy due around January 14th. His name is Daegen Rhys, so we are busy preparing for our new addition!

I still haven't found a teaching position, but again, God knows best, because there would have been NO WAY I could have worked with the way I have been so sick. Just as with my last pregnancy, I have been pretty sick daily, which has been frustrating, because I can't do anything! I haven't been able to do any cleaning, crafting, anything...except lay on the couch or in bed. My sweet husband has been so amazing, and I thank God so much for him.

All that to say, I'm feeling a bit better, and I really want to get back on the blog-waggon...I've missed reading some blogs, I feel very behind on everything!