Sunday, May 31, 2009


For Christmas, Jason got me an iPod Touch. I love it. About five months ago, I bought the Nike+ to go with it. Basically, it tracks how far you run, and the pace and all that good stuff, and syncs with your iPod and then the information syncs with the Nike website so you can track your progress. I finally got around to setting it up tonight. I am on a mission to get healthier and get back into running. I know I've said this for years, but I'm looking down the barrel of 3o people...and I truly want my 30's to be better than my 20's. On the right, you'll see my Mini...of course I'm in Ohio State colors...and you'll never guess what my Power Song (a song you can set on your iPod, so that when you are feeling a little sluggish, or need a pick me up, you can click the button and BAM your Power Song starts playing)'s "Hang on Sloopy" performed by "The Best Damn Band in The Land"...The Ohio State Marching Band.

I am not sure how it works completely, but I think if you click on my Mini you might be able to track my progress as well...I haven't really figured it all out yet...

Peace Out

(still trying to think of a catchy good-bye phrase, but I don't think I can pull this one off)


egt said...

AAGH! I just realized my Mini-Me is no longer there, after I changed my blog template, it disappeared, I'll put her back up after I start running again! ha ha