Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arizona History

Today we were lucky enough to experience the Arizona Natural History Museum. I had been there before on a field trip, but this time I as able to enjoy it a little bit, without having to worry about where 25 kids were. We went with Grandma and Bill, and it was a nice little museum to go to before we move away from the area. Jonathan was very excited to see "Rexy" he said. Jonathan is a little bit obsessed with the move "Night at the Museum" and one of the characters in the movie is the bones of a Tyrannasaurus Rex named "Rexy." He said this was his favorite part. Jonathan also insisted on taking a small Mag-lite (Ben Stiller's character in the movie carries a Mag-lite as part of his job, the night security man.) It was cute to see Jonathan getting his flashlight out to "check on things." The flashlight really came in handy during a particularly "scary" part of the museum, where we could walk through an old mine they had set up. At the end of our visit, we went to the gift shop, where Grandma told Jonathan he could pick a small toy...it melted my heart when Jonathan didn't pick a toy, instead, he chose a book...based on the movie "Night at the Museum." Gosh I love that kid.


Mama Mel said...

How cute with the flashlight! And, yay for books! :) I hope my son will choose books over toys when he's older! :) Thanx for stopping by my blog today. Hope you have a great day!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I read your profile and I think it's amazing that you're starting a non-profit, how rewarding!

I'm still trying to figure out how to make money doing something I love so I can finally quit the office work...which I've never enjoyed.


egt said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Have a great day!