Monday, February 7, 2011

What to do with a snow day!?

So what to do with a Snow Day? Too cold to go out, to slippery to drive, to pretty not to look, it's organization day!! Yesterday I went to the library, got a few books on organization (yes, I need I said I have a very TINY house, so every little space matters....and I need to learn how to make the best of each inch.) I also bought some organizing bins, which everything I read in the book said to not buy the bins before you have a number one! Coffee: ready! Chocolate: ready! Labeler: freshly labeled! My goals for today: get my son's dresser situation under control....and get a plan for his toys. Currently, they are in a huge pile in two bins. His room is so small, we got rid of some toys, but he still has quite a bit with books and games. So, here goes nothing! My other goal for the day is to make a family management binder. I found a few sites here and here that I'm using as inspiration...I'm glad that I have enough coffee to get me through today!!

Honestly though, I'm so excited to finally get around to doing this. This definitely fits my personality, I don't do well in a cluttered environment. I need to have organization and routines, it's just the way I, I'm excited to finally be making time to do this.

Cheers...I'll update my progress later!!


Donna Zehring said...

so excited to see what you do with Jon's room. I am slowly doing that in our playroom/Nathan's future room. But its smaller than his first room, plus the addition of a twin bed will lose lots of space. I am excited to learn from you.

Beth's Blog said...

LOL ... I bought bins before I had a plan too!!!!!

Niki said...

Good for you! I LOVE my house being organized, but haven't had the motivation lately to keep up with stuff. Hoping you'll inspire me! :)